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Hunter Hydrawise Wifi Controller

Hunter Hydrawise Wifi Controller

Hydrawise intelligently adjusts your sprinklers watering schedule to suit local weather conditions. You decide how much watering your garden needs and Hydrawise will manage your watering to meet those needs. No more water wasted. No more drowning plants.

• Master valve (pump start) support using zone output. Master valve delay configurable before start and after zone finish
• Multiple controllers supported per account to expand capacity
• Designed for industry standard 24V AC solenoids
• Two solenoids may be paralleled on a zone
• Short circuit protection (800mA max)

Programmed Runs

• Independent start times per zone
• Odd or even week watering
• Day of week scheduling
• User-defined watering schedules to simplify watering setup and management
• Odd or even day watering
• Configurable dead time between zone runs

Rain Climate sensing and forecast

• User-selected internet weather stations
• External rain sensor input (open/close contact)
• External soil moisture sensor input (open/close)

Water flow measurement

• 2 flow meter or generic (rain, moisture, level) sensor inputs per controller
• SMS alerts for water use overflow and underflow - Enthusiast Plan required
• Supports any reed pulse-based flow meters
• Full reporting on water usage in litres or gallons per irrigation zone
• Push notifications for Android and Apple devices
• Aggregate water usage over 30 days

Automatic schedule modifications

• Forecast temperature below a user set threshold
• Evapotranspiration (ET)
• Rainfall amount above user set weekly threshold
• Forecast temperature and humidity above a user set threshold
• Rainfall probability
• Forecast wind speed
• Rainfall amount above user set daily threshold

Sensor Port Functionality

• Support for open/closed contact sensors including rain sensors and soil moisture
• Configurable delay to start irrigation based on sensor - Enthusiast Plan required
• Stop irrigation based on sensor input
• Configurable delay to stop irrigation based on sensor
• Start irrigation based on sensor input - Enthusiast Plan required
• Per zone sensor support

Touchscreen Functionality

• Full support for configuration without web browser or app
• Start or stop zones
• View current, sensor status, water usage (where applicable)

Other Functions

• Remote start, stop or suspend by web browser or iPhone/Android app
• Local display – full graphic touchscreen with backlight
• Automatic time, date and daylight saving adjustment
• Local operation of watering zones, if required
• Extensive reporting functionality
• Remote software download and automatic updates

Internet connectivity

• Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g compatible) connects to standard-based wireless access point
• Security open or preshared key with WPA / WPA2


• Powered by 24V AC plugpack (supplied)
• Zone running – 300mA typical @ 24V AC (single solenoid per zone)
• Transformer input voltage 220V – 240VAC
• Standby – 75mA @ 24V AC


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