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Christchurch Irrigation Services

Residential Irrigation

Residential Irrigation
It’s easy for homeowners to enhance and maintain their gardens with the extensive range of residential irrigation products that The Irrigation Warehouse offers. Irrigation can turn struggling lawns and gardens into a thing of genuine beauty, and a specific irrigation solution can be found for even the most complex garden layout.

With our huge range of products, from garden hoses and fittings to sophisticated irrigation systems, and our expert advice, we can meet your residential water requirements economically and effectively.

Commercial Irrigation

Commercial Irrigation
We provide a range of irrigation systems and equipment specifically designed to protect and enhance the landscaped areas around your commercial property. We can provide the materials you require or even work in consultation with you, your landscape architect, or landscaping company to develop a system that meets your specific watering requirements. Our range of equipment has something to suit nearly any budget.

Lifestyle Irrigation

Lifestyle Irrigation
Lifestyle blocks often present a variety of watering challenges - these may include large lawn and garden areas, orchards, small vineyards, nurseries or fruit trees. All of these elements require an irrigation system that maximises reliability and efficiency while simultaneously minimising water usage and pumping costs.  We have the equipment and expertise to find the right solution for your specific situation.

The Irrigation Warehouse can also provide water pumping and storage systems for lifestyle properties (i.e. tanks and troughs), for the collection of water from a wide range of sources including rivers, streams, wells, bores and roof water.

In addition, The Irrigation Warehouse offers a complete water testing and analysis service to ensure the quality of your drinking water. If a problem with your water supply eventuates, The Irrigation Warehouse has proven systems available for removing Nitrates (Reverse Osmosis) and Bacteria & Virus contamination (UV Filters), as well as water hardening and acidity solutions.

Industrial Irrigation

The Irrigation Warehouse's wide range of fittings, filters, hoses, tanks and pumps etc. have wider applications than just irrigation, such as:

  • Dust mitigation measures on construction sites i.e. the use of water sprays to control dust nuisance.
  • Backflow prevention devices to avoid contamination of municipal water supplies
  • Water and waste reticulation products
  • Solutions to process filtration problems in general industrial environments.
  • Water treatment solutions that safeguard water from microbial and chemical contamination.
  • Low density pipe used for hula hoops!
Whatever your industrial water needs, talk to The Irrigation Warehouse for a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Trade Accounts

We welcome the opening of new trade accounts. A trade account with The Irrigation Warehouse gives irrigation professionals and other frequent customers easy access to the widest and most up-to-date range of irrigation products and knowledge in the South Island. Get in touch with us today for further information, or download the application form below.